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German at the Loyola-Gymnasium

A ”lighthouse project”

The German Foreign Ministry and the "Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen" consider the Loyola-Gymnasium a "lighthouse project". They are using this term for outstanding projects which are consequently supported personnel-wise and materially in a special way.

This means for the Loyola-Gymnasium that there are currently three German teachers giving lessons there. The coordinator for German, who is in charge of Kosovo and Montenegro, has his office at the Loyola-Gymnasium and teaches there as well.  

Partner school of Germany

The Loyola-Gymnasium is considered a “Partner school of the Federal Republic of Germany”. This term expresses a special affinity, and at the same time a special obligation: After an accurate and elaborate evaluation the Loyola-Gymnasium, as the only school in the region, obtained a permission to conduct examinations to achieve the "German language diploma of the Conference of German Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs" (DSD).

This language diploma, currently awarded on two different levels, complies with the language requirements for foreign students to study in Germany. The exams are compiled by experts in Germany, they are conducted centrally all over the world, and finally corrected in Germany according to uniform criteria. There are about 17.000 pupils participating in these exams every year.

The first language diploma examination at the Loyola-Gymnasium was conducted in December 2008 and in March 2009. The average result of the pupils was about 80% of all obtainable points. To be admitted to this highly demanding exam the candidates are required to have passed successfully between 800 and 1200 lessons. The exam, consisting of one oral and three written parts, orientates itself by the common European frame of reference for studies of a foreign language. To pass the exam at least 60% of all possible points have to be reached.

The lessons are given according to the standards of the German Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs, complying with the latest research insights in learning and language acquisition. At the Loyola-Gymnasium there are German lessons from 6th to 12th grade: five hours in 6th grade, and four hours from 7th to 12th grade. In addition to that there are advanced courses to the extent of 24 hours.

Latin at the Loyola-Gymnasium

Kosovo is probably the only country in the world where pupils learn a subject, that can’t be studied by their teachers within Kosovo: Latin. The Loyola-Gymnasium established therefore its own advanced training programme for Latin teachers, and is sending them for this purpose as well to Germany to complement the studies.

About 20 to 25% of the Albanian basic vocabulary has Latin roots. Because of that Latin has a great importance at the Loyola-Gymnasium, in order to bring the pupils in contact with the roots of their culture. Latin is in that sense an important identity-establishing subject, and is therefore taught to the extent of five hours in 6th grade and four hours from 7th to 10th grade.

What’s more, our Latin books were developed at the Loyola-Gymnasium by our teachers. It is intended to advance the pupils that they are capable to read, to translate and to understand G. I. Ceasar’s “De bello Gallico”, which corresponds with the level of the “Latinum”.

English at the Loyola-Gymnasium

With German and Latin the pupils at the Loyola-Gymnasium study parallel already two foreign languages. A third foreign language from 6th grade on would be definitely too much.

Due to the fact that most of the pupils have a basic knowledge of English when entering the Loyola-Gymnasium, we apply the following regulation: there are two hours of weekly English lessons in 6th and 7th grade in order to maintain and to increase carefully the existing level of language knowledge.

There are three hours per week in 8th and 9th grade and four hours from 10th to 12th grade inclusively.


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