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The Loyola-Gymnasium Prizren is a state-recognized, private grammar school, with separate boarding facilities for girls and for boys, for which ALG, a charitable organisation, is responsible.



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We want to do something for the children of Kosovo, i.e. to improve their chances for the future in a Europe which is growing ever more united. In our opinion, an essential pre-requisite for this is education, not to be understood as simply imparting knowledge.

We combine the normal Kosovo secondary school levels I and II in one grammar school. We accept pupils into class 6 and into class 10. After four years at secondary level I and a further three or four years at secondary level II, the final examinations lead to university entrance.

In order that children who do not live in the immediate vicinity can also take advantage of our offer, we have boarding facilities for girls and for boys. The encouragement of girls is of particular importance to us. Half of all the school and boarding places are therefore reserved for girls.

Naturally the standard Kosovan school curriculum applies also to us. We have supplemented it at various points. An important change is our choice of languages. Right from class 6 we teach two foreign languages, German and Latin. From class 8 English is added. When pupils come to us already possessing a good knowledge of English, we offer them courses in classes 6 and 7 so that they can maintain this. In German, our pupils can acquire the Deutsche Sprachdiplom (German Language Diploma) which is essential for further studies in countries where German is spoken. In Latin, at least the level of the "Kleinen Latinum" (O level) should be reached.

Regular further education, seminars and visits to other schools enable our teachers to develop their competence continually, both in their teaching skills and in knowledge of their subject.

Our school should stand out as a community of learning people, a community of pupils, teachers and parents. In addition, there will be class prefects and a school council, class and school conferences, parents' meetings, a parents' council as well as extra-curricular activities such as school festivals, open days and so on. In our refectory, day pupils, teachers and employees will also be offered a midday meal, for a small contribution towards costs.


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