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Application, Entrance Examination & Parental Contributions

Parental Contributions

As from August 2016 the parantal contributions will be as follows:

The parental contributions are due in three instalments (10th September, 10th January and 10th May).


Application & Entrance Examination

Into elementary school we are accepting (no entrance examination) pupils into class 1.

Into high school we are accepting (obligatory entrance examination) into class 6 extern students and into class 10 extern students as well as boarding. Acceptance for the high school and for boarding depends on passing the entrance examination and on the school reports of the last two years. Application (boarder or day student) is binding for the entire school-time.

In case of capacity problems internal applications are preferred.

The dates for the entrance exams for the next school year can be found here: Dates >>

You can send your child's entrance examination application form either by post or here online. The following documents are required in addition to the application form:

The application form and the required documents must have reached us at least 3 days before the exam takes place.


Online Application



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15.06.2019 - Entrance exam Gymnasium - Dates >>




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Support Society

Online donation

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Bank account for donations

Königstr. 54
D - 90402 Nürnberg

Ligabank Nürnberg
Vordere Sterngasse 32
D - 90402 Nürnberg

Account: 511 55 82
BLZ: 750 903 00
IBAN: DE 61 750 903 00 000 511 55 82
Reference: Loyola-Gymnasium

The donation will be confirmed in written.

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