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Information - 30.09.2021

Dear students, parents, colleagues and supporters of ALG "Loyola-Gymnasium",

Based on the recent decisions of state institutions concerning the replacement of teaching hours, we have also made adjustments to our school calendar. We have decided to hold lessons on Monday 11th of October and Tuesday 12th of October 2021. A detailed plan for replacing the missed school days during Saturdays will be published soon, while always keeping in mind the necessary alignment with the ministry of Education of Kosovo.


On 12th October 2019 the ALG Holding Association gathered for its 33rd session. The main points of the meeting agenda were the budget for the calendar year 2020, organizational structure of the ALG after p. Bodefeld SJ left as a director, and the increase of the number of new members. After the appointment of the quorum was done, resignation of Jesuit provincials from Croatia, Austria and Germany, from the Supporting Association was accepted with regret. All the present members emphasized that the door to return was open. New members added to the Society, were the par-ents of Loyola Gymnasium and “Arbeitersamariterbund” from all over Germany.

The intervention of the Bishop of Prizren - he missed the meeting without any excuse -
‘The decree’ through which he ordered the dismissal of the ALG, was discussed about and was re-fused. The decree is not in accordance with the Status of the Association and is clearly against all the laws and regulations of the Republic of Kosova.

In the meeting, among other things, the professional school which is going to open in 2020, Ger-man presence in the board, joint projects between Kosova and Germany, etc, were supported. The school has to keep its pedagogical concept which started in 2005, on the basis which the school was established, and based on European values, and at the same time, the necessity of the further development of this concept was stressed, based on European and western values. German lan-guage and projects with German partners have to be maintained and developed.

Dr. Matthias Czech was elected the Head of the Board, and Dr. Burkhart Loher was elected German Coordinator of the Gymnasium, the primary school, transit project and professional school. The Director of Loyola Gymnasium was named Neki Jahaj, a long term German language teacher. He has worked as a German language teacher since the beginning of the school, in 2005, and for many years was the head of the German language department. With his engagement he has contributed, in an active way, in the development of the school and its reputation. He is married and has four children. Two of them are actually attending the gymnasium.

Together with his colleagues Veli Gashi and Lulzim Tytynxhiu, both of them experienced teachers with a long experience in Loyola Gymnasium, they will continue with further development of the school.

The new organogram


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Entry Exams

The first entrance exam will take place on July 5, 2020 from 9:00 a.m. for class VI and from 1:00 p.m. for class X.

The second entrance exam will take place on August 22, 2020 from 9:00 a.m. for classes VI and X.

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