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On this page you will find short notices and news reports on topics concerning our school and boarding facilities and about events taking place here. Sometimes we will also post items of interest about Kosovo or about journeys made by pupils or teachers to foreign countries.

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27.02.2018 - ALG News 01/2018

The current ALG News are just released!

Read and see for yourself.

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17. - 22.02.2018 - Tranzit in Romania

Two of our music teachers, a young employee and our volunteers from last year together with Bardhyl Metkamberi and Moritz Kuhlmann, spent few days within the project Elijah in Romania, with which we are closely connected and which supports us in every respect.

Both music and other aspects of living together were subjects of the visit. Ruth Zenkert and Georg Sporschill SJ become important friends tor us.

11. - 18.02.2018 - Loyola in Rome

Another tradition is the graduation trip of the pupils of Latin language of the tenth grade to Rome, which took place for the third time this year.

Visits to the great and well-known Latin sights such as the Coliseum, the Palatine, Castel Sant’ Angelo, but also the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica were on the agenda just as well as the visit to the Domitilla Catacombs, the participation in the general audience of the Pope and a visit in the headquarters of the Jesuit order.

After one week, all of them returned impressed and tired safely back. For many pupils it was the first trip abroad and we thank the Association of Friends and Supporters for supporting this project.

17.02.2018 - 10th Anniversary of Independence - pre-celebrated on 16.02.

A school belongs in the focus of its society, and one of its tasks is the education and cultivation of young people to find a place in this society and to take responsibility.

We call it "education for democracy" and therefore we have given the tenth anniversary of the independence of the still young and fragile state Kosovo, a lot of importance in school life.

Independance Day - Primary

In the previous days every child of the elementary school had the opportunity to make a handicraft with the symbols of the Kosovar flag. On the last day of school before the holiday, the entire elementary school gathered together with parents and friends for a festive program in the Prizren's house on culture. The school choir, dances, poetry and musical contributions confirmed the wishes for a better future. The audience was very moved by the touching performances of the students.

Independance Day - Gymnasium

At Gymnasium, the day before Independence Day was marked by a two-hour school meeting in the school hall, in which some project groups from the previous two days presented their work and their insights. A short speech by the director was followed by the pupils' serious attention to the Kosovar and Albanian national anthems. After the school director surprisingly announced the cancellation of the last class hour as a small gift in honor of the jubilee of independence, there was no stopping anymore and everyone stormed into the extended weekend.

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