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05.12.2017 - Unser neues Jahrbuch 2017/18

Liebe Eltern, liebe Freunde des Loyola-Gymnasiums und von Loyola-Tranzit, wir freuen uns, Ihnen unser neues Jahrbuch zu überreichen. Es berichtet vor allem von Ereignissen und vom vielfältigen Leben in Schule und Internat im zurückliegenden Schuljahr 2016/17. Wenn Sie schon länger mit unserer Schule in Verbindung stehen, werden Sie Bekanntes und Bewährtes wiederfinden. Sie werden aber auch Neues entdecken. In dieser Spannung sehe ich alle unsere Bemühungen, in der Grundschule ebenso wie im Gymnasium und im Internat: Schule ist dazu da, Kinder und Jugendliche bestmöglich auszubilden. Aber die Institution Schule und die darin wirkenden Erwachsenen müssen zugleich auch selbst lernen und in diesem Sinne Schüler bleiben. Nur so können sie ihrer schwierigen Aufgabe gerecht werden, in der Gegenwart die zukünftigen Herausforderungen der jungen Generation zu erkennen. Wir unterrichten und erziehen heute für morgen! Wie wir uns darum bemühen, was uns beschäftigt, uns gelingt oder uns noch Mühe macht – davon erzählen die vielen Beiträge und Bilder in diesem Buch. Ich wünsche Ihnen spannende Lektüre. Zuvor möchte ich Ihnen noch aufrichtig danken: Ohne Ihr Vertrauen, Ihre Kinder zu uns zu schicken, ohne Ihr Interesse und Ihren Einsatz, Ihre Unterstützung und Großzügigkeit – im Kosovo wie in Deutschland, Österreich und andernorts – wäre all das, wovon wir berichten, nicht möglich. Das vergessen wir nicht. Bitte sehen Sie dieses Jahrbuch daher auch als Ausdruck unserer dankbaren Verbundenheit. Im Namen der gesamten Schulgemeinschaft mit besten Wünschen zum Weihnachtsfest und zum neuen Jahr Dr. Axel Bödefeld SJ Direktor


03.12.2017 - ALG News 07/2017

The current ALG News are just released! Curious? Read and see for yourself.


30.11.2017 - High ranking visit

The visit of Kosovo's new Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj lasted only an hour, but the time was filled with encounters and talks. Accompanied by the new German ambassador Christian Heldt, he was welcomed by the school choir and representatives of the school community. In order to get an impression of the everyday school life, the Prime Minister attended lessons in different classes and met the also the group from Loyola Tranzit that is following the additional lessons for older teenagers. As a last point, in a small group of the school management, he discussed about the actual challenges of the Kosovo education system. In the presence of the journalists, the Prime Minister also promised to solve the problem of the government's debt to Loyola in short time. We hope for the best.


13. - 24.11.2017 - University in school

A total of 24 students from the Faculty of German Studies at the University in Prizren completed a placement internship at the Loyola-Gymnasium over a period of two weeks, where they supported our teachers in the German lessons. We thank our colleagues for their openness. We are looking forward to a new cooperation of our school with the University of Prizren and hope for lot of benefits, especially for our pupils.


24.11.2017 - Ceremony for the National Holiday

This year we had invited representatives of Prizren's municipal library to address to our pupils on the occasion of the national holiday "The Flag Day". They emphasized impressively the importance of a reading culture. In addition they donated to our school 50 books. We used this opportunity to invite all our pupils to rediscover and use our school library, because now we have there a committed team of helpers. The celebration of the national holiday by the school community in the festively decorated auditorium was accompanied by musical contributions and poetry. It was also the last day of school before upcoming days off. In the elementary school, this day was again celebrated within the classes. The increasing decoration of the elementary school in the colors red and black in the recent weeks, had already announced the holiday. The universal truth that sports brings people together is also known in our school. For that reason, but also on the occasion of the national holiday we invited a team of the school "Bajram Curri" from the neighboring village Krusha e Madhe for a friendly football match with a team of our seventh graders Another tradition on the occasion of the "Flag Day" at Loyola-Gymnasium is a big volleyball tournament. This year, the victory went to a team from the class XIIe.


18.11.2017 - Parents' conference day

As already practiced so far, the autumn information day is followed by the parents' conference day and written notification about the actual performance of the pupils. After common meetings within the classroom, all colleagues were ready for one-on-one conversations. Our pupils offered coffee and cake to get some additional energy, whereas school band gave a small concert in the foyer. n the early afternoon, the new parents' council met, which is now a bit smaller due to the new regulation, thus we hope that this council will be able to work in a more constructive way. After the directors' very open report on the current situation and the challenges of the school, there was a lively exchange among colleagues on various points. Two new members of the Managing Board were elected and added to the Chairman Fatmir Rexhai. On the evening of the same day, there was a small volleyball tournament with mixed teams in the boarding school. It was a great evening, and the audience contributed to the good mood with its loud wind instruments. The victory went to the final school year graduates.


16.11.2017 - Not only cinema, but theater too

A group of boarding students visited together with their educators the National Theatre in Pristina and followed the play "Ata që ikin" - "Those Who Go Away" directed by Kushtrim Bekteshi. For the young people it was a rare moment to experience the actors and their artistic expressiveness live on stage.


13.11.2017 - Reliable regulations for more transparency

More than a year of joint work was necessary until all legally required procedural regulations and internal documents for our school had been completed. In many meetings, conferences and consultations, involving also external experts and our lawyer in Pristina, we finally came further and compiled the final texts, which Director P. Bödefeld officially put into effect on 1st November. Now we can say that we have sound school regulations, a code of conduct for all involved in school life, and a child protection directive. Since this opportunity was used to appoint some colleagues to the new tasks, there was enough reason for a small reception in order to appreciate them for their work and willingness to commit own engagement.


10. - 12.11.2017 - Congratulations!

As announced in the last ALG News, our pupil Blerona Dakaj from the VIIIb represented our school and Kosovo at the final event in the read aloud competition of the ZfA's for the South-East Europe in Zadar/ Croatia. We are very happy and proud that she took 3rd place there! Congratulations, also to her teachers.


10.11.2017 - A full school day

Mr. Christian Müller, head of the visa section of the German Embassy in Pristina, had come to us together with another employee to discuss outstanding issues related to visa applications for internships, vocational education, pupils' exchange programs and study trips. There are always many questions related to visa, and the constant procedural changes make the situation for all even more complicated. The very informative conversation reaffirmed our impression of the good cooperation with the visa section and the entire German embassy, a cooperation that is very important for us. After the lessons, we invited all the teachers, who newly started the new school year with our school, for a coffee and open exchange among colleagues. The summer and the beginning of the school year were marked by some changes related to personnel. Hence, it was important for us to encourage the new colleagues for a good cooperation and not to hesitate in contacting the director in case of open issues and problems. At the end of the meeting everyone was grateful for this round of talks. In the afternoon, after all the guests from abroad had arrived, the supporting society members met in their autumn meeting. The discussion focused on the draft budget for 2018 and on current developments in all fields of the ALG . The new provincial of the Croatian Province of Jesuits, Father Dalibor Renič, was elected in the board of the supporting society. The meeting took place in elementary school so that everyone could get a direct impression of the successful completion of the construction work. After the meeting, the discussions continued with a joint dinner.


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30.06.2018 - 02.09.2018

Summer holidays



Arrival of boarders


25.08.2018 - 09:00 - 12:00

Entrance examination for students class VI and X


Loyola-Gymnasium - School holidays


Primary school - School holidays


14.06.2018 - 17.06.2018

Bajram (Eid-Al-Fitr)



Arrival of boarders


02.06.2018 - 09:00 - 12:00

Entrance examination for students class VI


02.06.2018 - 13:00 - 16:00

Entrance examination for students class X


26.05.2018 - 12:30 - 17:30

Preparation courses - class VI and X


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