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14. and 15.02.2018 - School once differently

The strengthening of identification with the homeland - this was intended to be the aim of the project days, which took place at the Gymnasium on the tenth anniversary of the declaration of independence of the Republic of Kosovo. Project days - means lessons and ordinary school days, but somehow different: Not in classes and with a timetable, but in age-mixed, self-selected interest groups.

The proposals for the project groups were made by all colleagues from the school, boarding, but also many supporters from the parents' council and the school environment, and even some individual pupils. Finally, each pupil was able to select four favorites and one exclusion from a list of over 60 projects.

The response was predominantly positive among all participants. The range of topics spanned from reflecting on the Albanian-speaking underground education of the 90s, over many visits and meetings outside the school, to folk dances.

In the next yearbook, we will print the impressive full list of project groups.

09.02.2018 - Elementary school Carnival

Children love Carnivals and it has become almost a tradition that we, now for the second time have celebrated this event at the elementary school.

The motto of this year was the "Trolls", which represents characters from animated films. With the support of their teachers during the handicraft lessons, all children had produced masks according to their favorite characters.

The party took place in the sports hall, which was colorfully decorated and filled with the loud voices and songs of the celebrating children, the music and the many games that were played. Many thanks to all who have put many efforts for this children's festival!

01.02.2018 - PISA test, second try

The second round of the Kosovo participation in the PISA test should be better than the first one. Therefore, the Minister of Education of the new government, Shyqiri Bytyqi, met in person with the directors of the participating schools from Prizren.

It became clear that at both municipal and national level, the expectations placed on our results are quite significant.

01.02.2018 - KFOR in Tranzit

Even before the official command takeover on 05.02. and his first official visit to Loyola-Gymnasium on 14.02., the commander of the 49th. German contingent of KFOR, Colonel Christian Kiesl visited the facilities of Loyola-Tranzit and was very impressed with what he could see.

His early visit shows the perception and appreciation that our project is currently experiencing in public. Colonel Kiesl will be the last commander still living in Prizren. His successor, commander of the 50th. and at the same time last contingent, will already be stationed at the headquarters in Pristina.

The work on deconstruction and returning back of facilities is progressing massively. It is expected that beginning of March there will be a political decision on the further use of the vacated area.

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